Landscape Interventions: Art by Matthew Rangel

A mixed media drawing depicting maps and field notesNorwande Karwendel, Field Drawing, Ost (East) (Detail), graphite prismacolor pencil, pen and ink on Rives Lightweight paper 

Our featured artist today is Matthew Rangel! Matthew is a mixed-media artist and printmaker who uses maps to explore agricultural constructs and other man-made landscape interventions.


A drawing of a mountainous landscape on grid-lined paperMidway, lithograph on Tyvek Homewrap mounted to Magnani Pescia 


Matthew’s works tend to be muted in colour, with heavy use of black and white or sepia-toned images. This makes his occasional uses of red or other colour ink all the more startling and meaningful. I enjoy the vintage-field-notes aesthetic that Matthew cultivates in his work. The artist often writes or draws directly onto a photograph or print, creating the feeling of hastily scribbled notes or discoveries. Matthew’s frequent incorporation of maps and old photographs into his work strengthens this similarity.


A screen capture of the Backcountry gallery on Matthew Rangel's websiteMatthew's Backcountry gallery

The artist’s works have been published in a variety of artist books and magazine publications. I think his works would be wonderfully well-suited as illustrated companions to travel or wilderness-based publications, given the sense of adventure and planning that they are imbued with. 


A study of petroglyphs made with drawing and printmaking techniquesPetroglyph Study, Albuquerque, lithograph and Prismacolor pencil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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