Swirling Florals: Art by Gwenda Branjerdporn

A painting of a duck floating on a waterlily pondWaterlily Pond and Wood Duck, acrylic on canvas

Today’s featured artist, Gwenda Branjerdporn, is a painter and media artist who specializes in swirling florals of pastels, paint and watercolour. Gwenda tends to use highly saturated, cool colours in her works, creating beautiful landscapes of teal and pink hues.


A painting of a parrot perched on a flowering treeAustralian King Parrot, acrylic on canvas

The gallery of paintings on Gwenda Branjerdporn's art websiteGwenda's gallery of paintings

I like the way that Gwenda seems to play with the stylistic aspects of her work, never settling for one particular way of working. She seems to select the ideal style - be that ethereal and slightly abstracted, or graphic and heavily outlined – for each work and each subject.


Living in Brisbane, Australia, Gwenda’s practice has evolved out of a desire to pay respect and homage to nature, plants and trees. This is clear throughout the artist’s packed online portfolio, in which works often focus on a single flower, bird or plant, granting it almost iconic status.


A painting of a pink rose on a teal backgroundThe Climbing Pink Rose, acrylic on gallery linen

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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