Blocky, Colourful Abstractions by Jeanie Gebhart

An abstracted painting of a flower on a green backgroundFlowers in the Corner, oil 

Jeanie Gebhart is our featured artist today! Jeanie is an abstract painter, represented by galleries in Colorado and Wyoming. The artist creates blocky, colourful abstractions using palette knives and oil paint.


An orange and blue abstraction of a window with flower potsFlower Pot and Window, oil

The last time we featured her palette knife paintings, Jeanie was frequently working in one highly saturated colour over her entire work surface, with small details painted in different hues or shades. Many of her works appeared as textured monochromes in electric blue and deep crimson, from afar. While this is still true of much of her portfolio, recent works have seen Jeanie branching into different colour schemes, incorporating an almost wet texture and more delicate floral forms.


A screen capture of Jeanie Gebhart's online painting galleryJeanie's online painting gallery

Jeanie’s abstract paintings tend to be fairly small, and self-contained. I love seeing a number of them placed together in a grid, as the subtle differences in the works lend added interest to the artist’s body of work. 


A purple abstract paintingPurple Door, oil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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