Pop-Culture Illustration and Comic Art by The Flying Dutchman

A drawing of a plane flying through a cloudF4 Phantom, A1 and ink on illustration board

Hendrik Gericke, today’s featured artist, creates artwork under the moniker of The Flying Dutchman. Currently specializing in pop-culture illustration and comic art, Hendrik works across mediums and styles, often with a nod to animation and concept art. The artist is originally from South Africa, and now lives and works in Sydney, Australia.


An oil painting of a flying golden eagleEagle, oil on canvas

Hendrik’s portfolio of current works features digital art, ink illustration and traditional oil painting. The artist is quite skilled in all of these mediums, and I like how each different medium seems to bring out a different aspect of the artist’s style. As we noted the last time we featured Hendrik’s animated artworks, the artist seems to have a particular affinity for machines – automobiles planes, helicopters – and pop-culture figures such as movie characters.

A page from a black and white comic seriesIntroduction, Page Six, ink on paper

The artist also has several examples of his comic-book art available on his website (www.flyingdutchmanart.com.) Dramatic, deep shadows and movement lines take the forefront, as  he tells intriguing stories with minimal text. 


A screen capture of Hendrik Gericke's art websiteHendrik's website, the Flying Dutchman Art

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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