Bird Paintings and Art Prints by Cody Blomberg

An art print of a painting of a red cardinalCardinal White C15-108, art print


Our featured artist today is Cody Blomberg! This artist works with a variety of mediums and subjects, with a special fondness for bird paintings and art prints. The artist’s portfolio website is currently packed with pet portraits, kid’s murals, commercial artworks and most importantly, birds.


A painting of a sock puppet on a white backgroundUntitled

A screen capture of Cody Blomberg's gallery of bird art printsCody's gallery of bird art prints

Cody’s overall style is colourful and friendly, and it’s not a stretch to see that the artist excels at murals aimed at children. The murals available on his website feature creatures both real and mythical, and bright, scenic backgrounds. As seen in our previous feature, Cody’s creations are vibrant, narrative artworks that seem to have more going on than just what is visible in the frame.


The artist’s bird paintings and art prints exist equally well as standalone works or as a series. Each one focuses on a different species of birds, many on colourful, monochromatic backgrounds. The most recent art prints have featured spring birds on snowy tree branches.


An art print of a painting of several cardinals perched on a snowy branchSnowy Cardinals C044, art print

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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