Wildly Imaginative Realms: Concept Art by Ken Henderson

A characters design for a young cyborgMech Kid

Ken Henderson of Head Cheese Entertainment Inc. is an illustrator and concept artist who has worked a variety of high-profile projects in the video game and entertainment industries – he’s also our featured artist today! Ken’s works combine wildly imaginative realms with reality-grounded design.


A digitally rendered image of an angry yetiYeti Concept

While in our last feature we looked specifically at Ken’s concept art and worlds, I really like looking through Ken’s creature and character designs. The artist is quite good at imagining a variety of aliens, demons, animals and humans with something of a nod to the background information for each. His create designs in particular are rarely shown on blank background but are rather placed directly into hypothetical environments.


A logo design sheet for mHerge media groupLogo design for a social media company

Ken is also skilled as a graphic designer and illustrator for various commercial ventures, as well as an art director and project manager. Some examples of his process and works are available in his portfolio. 


A screen capture of the front page of Ken Henderson's websitewww.headcheeseinc.com

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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