Paint Party Girl: Art by Agnes Friedlander

A pastel-coloured painting of a partridge in a pear treeFirst Day of Christmas, acrylic on canvas

Our featured artist today is Agnes Friedlander! Agnes is also known as the Paint Party Girl as she hosts and organizes “paint parties” throughout her local corner of Wisconsin. Groups booking a paint party get to paint original works with instruction from Agnes, over the course of an evening of drinks and laughs.


A painting of several birch tree trunks

Edge of Fall, acrylic  on canvas


The gallery of paintings on paper on Agnes Friedlander's websiteAgnes' gallery of paintings and prints on paper

In her artistic practice, Agnes creates both abstract and figural works. Her figural paintings tend to be simplified and graphic in appearance, where the artist uses acrylic paint on canvas to render a variety of subjects in bright, friendly colour. I quite enjoy Agnes’ forays into abstraction, where she uses printmaking techniques on rice paper to render beautiful patterns in deep colour.


The artist also paints bombastic floral imagery, which we featured in our last article about Agnes. To see more of Agnes’ works, or to book a Paint Party for you and your friends, visit Agnes’ website at


An abstract image made from multiple gelli prints on rice paperBlue Multi Gelli, gelli print on rice paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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