Folk Art and New Traditions: Art by Dennis Worrel

A reworked monotype print of a red racoonCrimson Coon, reworked monoprint on mulberry paper

Dennis Worrell is a mixed media artist who renders images in a unique, naïve style that references historical folk art and new traditions. Dennis’ subject matter often draws from personal experiences and memories, family photographs and animals.


A mixed media artwork depicting workers breaking ground to start constructionGroundbreaking, mixed media

The artist tends to focus more particularly on the composition of his works than on the details therein. In this way, the works tend to have the slightly simplified appeal of children’s drawings, and yet the artist is clearly skilled, every mark made and colours chosen with certain intention. In many cases this creates an aesthetic that mimics the blurriness of old photographs, as in Dennis’ History gallery which is packed with groups scenes of figures of workers and children in the early 20th century.


A screen capture of the front page of Dennis Worrel's websiteThe front page of Dennis' website

Dennis’ Birds and Animals images could fit easily in to art books or children’s stories. Often painting on raw linen, or using a combination of painting and print making techniques, the artist draws out a unique and fascinating texture in all of his works. 


A mixed media artwork depicting a sitting Grizzly bearGrizz Squatting

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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