Subtext and Double Meanings: Art by Kristin Leigh Calhoun

A print featuring the words "us" and "them" on top of each otherUs + Them (Interrelated), ink on Kitakata, beeswax

Kristin Leigh Calhoun is an artist originally from Stone Mountain, Georgia. She currently lives and works in Austin, Texas, where she creates works of text art that explore subtext and double meanings.


A set of small encaustic works each featuring a single wordLocation, Location, Location, encaustic on 6" x 6" panels

A screen capture of a gallery of work on Kristin Leigh Calhoun's websiteKristin's gallery of new works

In earlier works, Kristin focused more on abstract art, creating geometric monotype prints and sculptures that explored simple forms such as squares, cubes and spheres in patterned detail. Her more recent artworks take a slightly more minimalist approach, often presenting two related but different words layered over each other to create an obscured, almost abstracted form.


In these works, Kristin uses black ink printed on translucent paper and beeswax, creating a warm, neutral toned background onto which the expertly typeset letters fit with a certain vintage flair. I appreciate Kristin’s word choices from a conceptual standpoint – each pairing seems to both add and subtract meaning from the set of words. 


An artwork with the words "you" and "me" superimposed on top of each otherYou + Me (Red), two colour lithograph, beeswax (collaboration with Eirini Boutasi)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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