Intangible Concepts: Art by Ryan Gander

A bronzed pair of old sneakersYour Nostalgia

Ryan Gander chooses to focus on intangible concepts rather than the physicality of his works, and as such, has a practice that is extremely conceptual and equally varied in terms of medium.


In some cases, his materials mimic others, for example in I Is…, a marble sculpture of an unidentifiable mass blanketed by a white shroud. In another work, a pair of animatronic cartoon eyes is set into the wall of the gallery, allowing the artwork to look back at the viewer.

A set of animatronic eyes set into the wall of a galleryMagnus Opus, animatronic eyes, sensors

Like contemporaries such as Martin Creed, Gander’s works are frequently imbued with a sense of humour - especially when it comes to critiquing the art world and galleries themselves. With titles like More really shiny things that don’t mean anything, for a large ball of stainless steel items presented in the gallery space, the artist clearly looks at the art world with a contemptuous, yet loving, sarcasm.

A sculpture consisting of a large ball of shiny objectsMore really shiny things that don't mean anything, stainless steel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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