Collage and Assemblage by Cynthia Aaron

A photo of an assemblage artwork made from various objectsQueen of Defeat (front view), mixed media

Our featured artist today is Cynthia Aaron. This artist works with a variety of materials to create her collage and assemblage works. Cynthia was born in Littlerock, Arkansas, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

An assemblage artwork composed mainly of white wood and threadAnd the Bride Wore... (front view), mixed media

Cynthia’s collage works incorporate images from a wide range of media, whether it’s images of women’s bodies from advertisements, machinery or animals. Each piece has numerous parts, enough to keep the viewer interested, searching for new, hidden images with every viewing – but each picture is also tied together with its own, central meaning. I really like the aesthetic that Cynthia creates when she uses collage cut-outs to emphasize existing text or illustrated scenes.


The front page of Cynthia Aaron's websiteThe front page of Cynthia's website

In her assemblages, Cynthia tends to use materials and objects that have an aged, almost antique feel to them. The result are artworks that seem to mimic ancient artifacts or old furniture and treasures found in abandoned attics. 


A collage made up of several black and white imagesB & W Collage, paper on board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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