Meaning and Mystery: Art by Pedro Gonzales

An abstract painting with a pattern of letter-like shapesChanges

Today we’re featuring the work of Pedro Gonzales! Pedro is an artist who works in bright colours and abstract forms, exploring the idea of alphabets and symbols, in both meaning and mystery.


A painting of a beetle shape made out of abstract formsBeattle

A screen capture of Pedro Gonzales' art websiteThe front page of Pedro's portfolio website

I enjoy the way Pedro tends to structure his works – while the forms that he uses may be wildly abstract and bizarre, they are often arranged in a sort of grid format over the painted surface. Sometimes the resulting patterns are complex and layered, while at other times they seem relatively simple, like they might be just as at home in a textile design. Pedro’s works are somewhat reminiscent of the works of Frank Stella or Sol LeWitt, adding a referential aspect to them, allowing the viewer to make connections between the artist and possible influences.


 Pedro works in a variety of media, from print-making to painting to drawing on paper. Each chosen medium brings out a different aspect of the artist’s works, and it’s great to see so many different explorations in the artist’s portfolio. 


A painting composed of abstract orange shapes on a green backgroundTo Contemplate in Silence

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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