Vibrant Forest Landscapes: Art by Claire Cepukas

A painting of two horses grazing in a colourful landscapeHappy Horses, acrylic on canvas

Our featured artist today, Claire Cepukas is an artist whose work is influenced by the great outdoors and her time spent tree planting in remote Canadian wilderness. Claire’s paintings and photographs express vibrant forest landscapes all across Canada.


A colourful painting of a rocky mountain rangeMountains, oil on canvas

The gallery of acrylic paintings on Claire Cepukas' portfolioClaire's portfolio of acrylic paintings

I find that Claire’s paintings are reminiscent of classic Canadian art from the group of seven – the way she models the forms of trees, rocks and mountains is highly graphic, with bright blocks of saturated colour, and thick, dark outlines over most of the shapes. Even Claire’s paintings of stark, winter woods and tundras are imbued with intense colour, where the artist uses deep blues, yellows and greens to mark dark shadows in the snow.


The artist’s photos are similar in subject matter, capturing landscape tableaus of wilderness throughout Canada. The photos vary, but all seem imbued with a tranquil appreciation for the landscapes they depict. 


A photo of a treed skyline over Prince George, BCPrince George, British Columbia, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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