Works of Spacey Psychedelia by Mizu

A colourful and detailed painting of a chameleon on a cosmic backgroundChameleon

Today we’re featuring Mizu, an artist who works on canvas, body painting, jewelry and clothing design in a variety of media. Mizu is currently based Denver, Colorado, where he creates works of spacey psychedelia are filled with multitudinous detail.


A screen capture of the fractals gallery on Mizu's websiteMizu's fractal gallery

Mizu paints on a variety of surfaces, from canvas, to vinyl records to walls. I really enjoy the artist’s vinyl record pieces – the uniform, circular surfaces provide the perfect space to contain his complex and colourful works. Mizu has a very distinctive painting style, though it seems to vary in levels of intensity over different works. Some works feature fractal-esque detailing, with layers of colourful paint that seem to stretch far into the distance. Desert scenes juxtaposed with outer space imagery are another common motif.


A painting of a desert scene of a vinyl recordUntitled

The artist has created his own style of graffiti – micro-graffiti. In these works, Mizu uses spray paint with stencils to create graffiti and street-art murals on small cinder blocks or fragments of concrete. It’s a rather interesting take on this street-art style! 


A micro graffiti painting made with an airbrush and a small cinderblockBlowouts, micro graffiti

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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