Artist Portfolio: Dennis Ekstedt

oil painting of city lights at nightFlashpoint Sprawl, Oil on canvas.

"In my paintings I want to depict the illuminated city as a kind of living organism, with its network of electric lights resembling a nervous system. I find it fascinating how this nervous system of electric light is ultimately a manifestation of human habitation - that illuminated cities are landscapes that are literally electrified by human presence. I am interested in how urban environments are difficult to experience in their entirety, how at ground level we perceive fragments of a larger whole; but when we see a city at night from a distance we have an opportunity to comprehend it more as a complete entity, a kind of vast luminous organism." --Dennis Ekstedt, Montreal, QC.


oil painting of comet approaching a city at nightThe Event, Oil on canvas.


oil painting of bright lights over a cityMonument #7, Oil on canvas.


Check out more of Dennis' paintings on his artist portfolio website:

Written by: Eric Deis
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