Surreal Situations: Painting by Timothy Innamorato

A colourful painting featuring a realistic cat and a cartoonish personover and out, oil on canvas

Timothy Innamorato, our current featured artist, is a painter based in Florida. Timothy’s style takes realistic figures and places them in surreal situations, focusing on colour and composition while creating strange relationships between seemingly dissimilar objects. He alternates between using deep, neutral earth tones and working with bright and saturated hues.


A surreal painting of two male figures that seem to dissolve into the backgroundentanglement, oil on canvas

A screen capture of Timothy Innamorato's art

Timothy tends to work in a contemplative, meditative style, sometimes working on a single painting for months or even over a year until the colour is just right. Each painting seems to be a contrast between a single conceptual moment, and a long period of working the painting so as to portray the moment perfectly.


The last time we featured Timothy’s colourful, dreamlike paintings, we looked at the artist’s interesting use of colour as an addition to everyday objects and scenarios. It seems that since then Timothy’s paintings have grown more complex since then, with more and more subjects clamoring for the viewer’s attention! I like how easy it is to get lost in these works. 


A painting of a bunch of grapes suspended above a poolGrapes above water, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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