The National Association of Women Artists - Massachusetts Chapter

A photo of the NAWA - MA  exhibition Strokes of GeniusStrokes of Genuis Exhibition (installation view), Maddocks Gallery

Today’s feature is the National Association of Women Artists – Massachusetts Chapter. NAWA is an American association that aims to increase awareness and appreciation for fine art made by women. The association promotes and encourages art by both emerging and established contemporary women artists.

A black and white photograph of a statue in smokeLeucantha in Smoke, black and white photograph, Susan Hammond

A screen capture of the gallery of artworks the NAWA - MA websiteThe gallery of artworks on

The current membership of the NAWA Massachusetts Chapter encompasses a diverse range of female artists working in a variety of media and styles. The group’s latest exhibition, Strokes of Genius, was a representation of female artists both current and past, and included representation work, abstract painting, sculptural elements and more.

An abstract artwork by Mimi Reilly featuring saturated red tonesRed Hot - A Swiftly Warming Planet, Mimi Reilly

NAWA is also fully run by practicing women artists. The president of the board is abstract painter Nella Lush, and the treasurer is watercolour artist Lisa Goren. An impressive list of other members is available on NAWA’s website,, with links to each artist’s online portfolio. 

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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