Marketing, Advertising, and Logo Design by Nathalie Gribinski

A white paper for a technology companyWhite paper design for Coveo

Nathalie Gribinski, our featured artist today, is both a graphic designer and an artist. In this feature we’re looking at Nathalie’s graphic design work in the fields of marketing, advertising and logo design.


A screen capture of the front page of Nathalie Gribinski's websiteThe front page of Nathalie's design website

Nathalie’s works pack a lot of detail into relatively simple and clean aesthetics. I like being able to look through her portfolio and see the way that her graphic design choices differ between clients. Some of her advertising work has been in the form of producing informational brochures for pharmaceutical companies. These show of Nathalie’s skill in conveying a lot of complex information in a clean, easy-to-read fashion.


A stationary design for a design firmLogo design for Aquila design firm

Nathalie’s logo designs have a similar sense of detail. She has created logos for a wide variety of different companies, ranging from shoe stores and hair salons to design firms and healthcare institutions. Through the use of deliberately chosen color schemes and clean, simple lines, Nathalie conveys as much information as a reader needs to make important brand-based decisions. Check out more of Nathatlie’s design work on her website, as well as her smooth, fluid abstract artworks.


A design page for a real estate marketing brochureThe Pope Building real estate brochure design


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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