Simplified Forms and Cubist References: Art by Ronnie Spiewak

A collage piece with black nature silhouettes on a white background

Roundup, collage on paper


Featured artist Ronnie Spiewak is an artist currently based in Riverdale, Maryland. Her works frequently combine collaged and painted elements, simplified forms and cubist references.


A painted and collaged screen made from boardLove Bugs, paint and collage on board

I rather enjoy Ronnie’s series of screens, in which the artist has created folding screens, each decorated with a pattern of abstractions and images. The use of negative space on these screens is interesting – on screens with black backgrounds, the painted and collaged shapes are sometimes surrounded by an aura of white, giving them the appearance of rough cut-outs or highly gestural paintings. Undulating lines draw the viewer’s eye all over the screen, and the folding angles provide an extra dimension for the flat paintings.


A screen capture of a gallery on Ronnie Spiewak's art websiteRonnie's online gallery of wall collages

Ronnie’s works on paper are similarly energetic. The titles of the work often lend a representational nature to the images, even if they are highly abstract. The even spacing of designs on a coloured background is reminiscent of pattern and textile designs – these works would work equally well in a gallery and in a home.

An abstract collage with pink and red tonesConfection, collage on paper


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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