Classic and Modern Mythology: Painting by Tom Fournier Park

A painting of death riding a horse through a landscapeThe Isolation of Death

Featured artist Tom Fournier Park works in figurative painting, creating works that celebrate both classic and modern mythology. Tom is originally from Ajax, Ontario and is a self-taught painter with an appreciation for classical painting as well as newer movements like cubism and art deco.


A painting of a futuristic metropolisMetropolis 1, acrylic on canvas

Tom’s interest in the art deco movement certainly shows in his series of Metropolis paintings. Each painting depicts what appears to be a futuristic city, rendered using changing stylistic choices against a backdrop of an ominous, deep red sky. The simplified geometric shapes, sharp lines and stylized details are reminiscent of the poster art for the original 1927 film.


A screen capture of Tom Fournier Park's painting websiteThe Metropolis gallery on Tom's website

I find Tom’s style somewhat reminiscent of Allen Wittert’s methods of rendering a city skyline, with a focus on the way the shapes of buildings intersect with the sky. Tom’s landscape painting has a similar appeal, except in The Faroe Islands the focus shifts from skyline to water.


A painting expressing existential angstExistential Angst, acrylic on canvas



Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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