Loose, Layered Paintings by Kathie Selinger

A painting of a blooming sunflowerTowards the Sun, acrylic

Southern British Columbia-based artist Kathie Selinger enjoys painting a variety of subjects, whether it’s Canadian wildlife, florals or landscapes influenced by the artist’s travels. Kathie’s loose, layered paintings utilize a soft style and bright, hazy colours.


An acrylic painting of a black bearBlack Bear, acrylic

I really love Kathie’s series of Bear paintings – as the name of the series would suggest, each work features a bear as its subject, captured in the wilderness. The colouration on each of these paintings is wonderfully vibrant – I especially like how Kathie has rendered a black bear in tones of deep, bright blue, illustrating the reflection of sunlight off the bear’s fur.


A screen capture of the florals gallery on Kathie Selinger's websiteThe floral gallery on Kathie's portfolio website

The artist also experiments in abstraction, producing works that play off of natural forms such as rocks and water. The textures that Kathie manages to produce in these works are very interesting and quite beautiful. They look very similar to the natural texture of a polished stone, while her selection of neutral colours emphasizes the beauty found in river rocks and reflections. 


An abstract painting with the appearance of river rocksStepping Stones No.1, acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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