Backyard Gardens: Painting by Ginger Garrett Arthur

An oil painting of two dogs in a swimming poolLap Dogs, oil on canvas

Philadelphia-based painter Ginger Garrett Arthur works in a bright, graphic style, painting scenes of nature both in backyard gardens and outdoor landscapes. Ginger’s paintings tend to focus on showcasing the bright colours of flowers, foliage and animals, rendering details in smooth, loose brush marks.


A painting of pink flowers spilling out of a potBrim of the Cup of Happiness, oil on canvas

A screen capture of Ginger Arthur's online gallery of artworkGinger's online gallery of available work

I like the way that Ginger uses lighting in her artworks – the majority of her paintings have the feeling of a photo taken on a bright, sunny day. Saturated colours and high contrast make these paintings eye-catching and inviting. Pets, namely dogs, are a frequent motif in Ginger’s works. Sometimes these dogs are painted as the main subjects of the work, in close-up portrait paintings, while in others they interact as part of the landscape.


Ginger is also quite skilled at depicting different skies. In some of her more expansive landscapes, the horizon line appears not quite halfway up the painting, allowing the sky space to flourish. She uses the space aptly, combining deep blues, pinks and purples with fluffy strokes of white. 


An oil painting of a still bay with reedsStone Harbor Bay

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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