Surreal Narrative: Illustrations by Carolina Seth

A painting of a woman in a bizarre, antler-like headdressMelt, acrylic on canvas

Illustrator Carolina Seth is our featured artist! Carolina is currently based in Washington, DC, where she creates paintings, drawings and sculptures that follow a surreal narrative.


I love Carolina’s smooth, clean style of illustration. Her figures are often rendered in pale, subdued colours and contrived poses, lending them the appearance of mythological figures given a modern update. In many works, she combines subjects to create bizarre visual metaphors, where plants and animals fuse with human figures. In some cases she does draw from actual mythological stories as inspiration for her works.


A surreal drawing of two women with intertwined hairWe Are the Same, coloured pencil and pastel on Bristol paper

The painting gallery on Carolina Seth's websiteCarolina's online painting portfolio

While more minimalist, the artist’s work reminds me a little bit of Rebecca Chaperon, in the way that Carolina creates expansive parallel worlds, where the characters from her drawings seem right at home. Carolina’s selection of sculptures includes jewelry and small figures, each of which is adorable and thoroughly packed with personality. 


A photo of a sculptural cocktail ringBlue House, Sculptural Cocktail Ring, cold porcelain on sterling silver plated base

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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