Shiny, Tactile Abstracts by Rachel K. Bury

A painting in orange on rolled-up acetate sheetsVicinity (to orange), acetate, matte medium, acrylic paint, wood, glue

Artist Rachel K. Bury uses her artistic practice as a way of exploring form and texture, blurring the line between painting, sculpture and installation. Rachel is currently based in Austin, Texas, where she creates her shiny, tactile abstracts.


An installation featuring a sheet of torn camoflaugeCamo Wamo, acetate, polymer medium, acrylic, wood

I find Rachel’s Tubes series really interesting. These works seem to function as two-dimensional wall art, yet are composed from rolled up tubes of acetate with acrylic paint and medium layered over them. The result is an abstract “painting” that undulates, distorting the painted surface as if it’s being viewed through a layer of water or textured glass.


A painting of a line-drawing of a simple house

Roof Top Place, acrylic matte medium on panel 


Rachel’s recent Pastie Paintings series are produced with acrylic matte medium on panel, yet they way that the artist renders her abstracted forms makes it seem like the paintings also incorporate collage elements. 


A screen capture of Rachel K Bury's art

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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