Simplified Symbols: Art by Amarie Bergman

An artwork featuring circles of pastel on a white canvasMaquillage #2, pastel on canvas

Featured artist Amarie Bergman works in a minimalist, monochromatic style. Her artworks tend to deal with scientific and physical concepts, doing so through a way that focuses on geometric forms in black and white, reducing theories and movements to simplified symbols. Amarie currently lives and works in Canberra, Australia.

A mobile made with black spheres hanging on the end of silver wireUnified Field #1, stainless steel and felted wool spheres

I really enjoy the white-on-black paintings that Amarie has created, where small white circles or squares appear like missing pixels on an expansive black canvas. The artist has also created a number of variants on this theme. A few of the works in her Quadrant Bearing exhibition take the form of a black canvas crossed with straight, white pastel lines, or a white canvas with black pixels. This hard-edged, black and white, highly scientific style reminds me a little of the work of Ryoji Ikeda.


A screen capture of the painting gallery on Amarie Bergman's websiteAmarie's gallery of paintings

Amarie’s practice encompasses a number of media, from painting to drawing to sculpture to photography, but her portfolio is extremely cohesive and follows a strong aesthetic. Even the artist’s graphic design works are mainly black and white, focusing on text and letterform, occasionally incorporating images that veer into the abstract. 


An installation view of three white-on-black paintingsOctans (installation view), acrylic and collage on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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