Floral and Ornithological Paintings by Patty Yehle

A painting of a swan on a pondWild Swan

Boston-based artist Patty Yehle works primarily in oil, creating floral and ornithological paintings that have a bright-coloured, dreamlike quality to them. The artist’s works are available as giclee prints through her website.

A painting of two yellow magnolias against a blue sky backdropRose's Yellow Magnolias 1

Patty applies her oil paints to paper, creating an interestingly smooth and delicate surface that holds her bright colours and contrasts very well. The works in her Clouds and Birds gallery are, aptly, close-up detailed paintings of birds, or landscapes focusing on the form of the clouds and sky. Sometimes she combines the two, and in recent works has incorporated a lattice pattern as a motif. In a few paintings, this lattice partially obscures half of the canvas, giving the viewer the impression that they are looking through a window or a gateway at a beautiful garden scene.


A screen capture of Patty Yehle's websiteThe front page of Patty's website

Other works in the artist’s portfolio seem to take inspiration from classical still-life painting. I like the way that Patty changes her painting style to suit the mood and tone of each individual work. In some, she plays with a looser style while others are almost scientifically detailed. 


A painting of a white hummingbird on a blue sky backgroundFreeing the Samskara

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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