Macro Views of Flowers: Art by Joyce Zuiderveen

An oil painting of a cat in a sunny fieldCalvin, oil on canvas board

Joyce Zuiderveen is a painter and photographer from Otsego, Michigan. The artist is currently focused mainly on still-life, florals and wildlife painting. Her photography practice is complimentary to her painting work, finding inspiration in macro views of flowers and foliage.


A photo of dew drops on a green leafMorning Dew, photograph

The oil paintings gallery on Joyce Zuiderveen's websiteJoyce's website gallery of oil paintings


I find Joyce’s photography work particularly stunning – the way the artist is able to capture a single flower against a backdrop of deep forest green speaks to her skill at finding and executing an aesthetic idea. The slightly off-centre framing that Joyce tends to use in her photos also lends to the idea that the audience is being given a sneak peek of a hidden floral gem.


Joyce’s explorations into abstraction are also quite interesting. In some works, she uses a combination of a palette knife and a brush to create splashes of colour that are reminiscent of floral forms, then drags them down the canvas, obscuring them as if the image is being reflected on choppy water. 


An abstract oil painting with tones of orange and dark blueSpring Rain, oil on canvas board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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