Small, Quiet Landscape Paintings by Harry Stooshinoff

A small mixed-media painting of a snowy landscapeFirst Snow, Garden Hill, acrylic and collage on gessoed thin birch panel

Featured artist Harry Stooshinoff works on a deliberately tiny scale, creating small, quiet landscape paintings that he then sells through his website and mails around the world. Harry currently lives and works in rural Ontario, and his works use just enough detail to capture the essence and mood of a place.


A painting of a cloudy summer skyLittle Saturday House, acrylic and pencil on unprimed Arches paper

Harry is a very prolific painter and as such his online portfolio is packed with examples of his painted work. I like the way Harry divides his portfolio into seasons, with each gallery appearing as a study of the colour palette and weather patterns of a particular time of year. All these paintings are unique yet similar enough to exist as a cohesive series. It reminds me of Noah Verrier’s 150 sunset paintings – many different iterations of a very similar subject.


A gallery of fall landscape paintings on Harry Stooshinoff's websiteA gallery of Harry's fall landscape paintings

The scale of Harry’s painting precludes fine detail, so his works take on a casual, soft looseness that makes then lovely to look at as a set, and individually to discover single strokes and blobs of paint forming trees, clouds and landmarks. 


A painting of two darkened cedar treesCedars Near Dark, acrylic, collage and pencil on archival paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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