Dramatic Masks by Pamela Schuller

A photo of a sculptural maskWearable Face Mask, face cast with papier maché, acrylic paint and other materials

Pamela Schuller has a background in theatre, which shows through in her dramatic masks and sculptures. Based on Ontario, Pamela is continuing to work on her own sculptural practice as well as teaching workshops and educating others about the arts.


An image of a collection of papier mache bottle sleeves with facesBottle Buddies, papier maché, acrylic paint, fabric sleeve

A screen capture of a gallery on Pamela Schuller's art websiteA gallery of Shadow Masks by Pamela's workshop students


I find Pamela’s masks beautiful and fascinating – the ones that are on display in her portfolio take the basic shape of the wearer’s face, then stretch outward and upward in colourful, painted ribbons. Pamela bases each mask on a cast of her own face, then adds papier maché and other elements for a finished product that would be fitting for an on-stage dream sequence. Pamela accepts commissions for customized masks through her website.


Pamela has also produced a series of what she calls Bottle Buddies, decorative sleeves for bottles, topped with papier maché faces. Each of these faces is based off the form of a stone, giving them a funky, cartoonish aesthetic. Check out Pamela’s website for more artworks and information about workshops. 


A papier mache zebra headdressZebra, plastic bag, newspaper, papier maché, acrylic paint

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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