Abstract Paintings, Etchings and Monoprints by Mary Crockett

A geometric abstract painting featuring deep blue tonesLonging, oil on canvas

Featured artist Mary Crockett creates abstract paintings, monoprints and etchings that have a patterned, geometric edge to them. Mary earned her BA from the Winchester School of Art. She is currently based out of her studio in Penzance.  

A monoprint image with several diamond shapes and overlapping coloursElmina, monoprint

I really like the deep, electric blue tone that appears as a common motif in the paintings and prints in Mary’s portfolio. Many of her works use different shades of the same blue, overlaid to create depth and texture. This interesting use of color creates a two-toned effect that sometimes looks like a shadow is being cast over the painting. The artist’s most recent works use a slightly more subdued palette, focusing more on gold and earthy tones for geometric shapes that make up the centerpiece of each work.


The gallery of etchings on Mary Crockett's art websiteMary's portfolio of etchings

Mary’s work with repeating patterns is also quite lovely. I’m particularly fond of her Circle Grid etchings, each of which has the same basic composition – a grid of blue circles – but is a slight variation on the theme, making for a cohesive series, each of which functions beautifully as a stand-alone piece. 


An etching made with a grid of circles in deep blue coloursCircle Grid #4, etching

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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