Scientific Discipline Meets Pure Creativity: Art by Bruce Meberg

An abstract painting with a blue and white sunburst on a red backgroundMaelstrom, acrylic on canvas

Bruce Meberg is a New York-based abstract painter. With an educational background in science and a great love for jazz music, the artist’s creations exist where scientific discipline meets pure creativity.

An abstract painting with a blue structure set against a pale yellow backgroundMolecular, acrylic and texture on canvas

With series titles such as Astral/Quantum and Signs of Life, the scientific and speculative influence in Bruce’s work is clear. The paintings themselves are varied in execution, however the artist has a clear method and style which ties them all together nicely. I like Bruce’s loose, splashy painting and his love of bright, highly saturated colors. In particular, the deep red tone that becomes a common motif is quite inspiring and gives the impression of gazing at a fire-y sunset.


A screen capture of Bruce Meberg's art websiteThe front page of Bruce's art website

Bruce has also translated a few of his abstract works into the form of silk scarves, printing the image of the painting onto the delicate material. The effect is quite interesting as the painting becomes softened by the texture and translucency of the fabric, allowing us to see a whole new facet of the work. 


An image of a scarf printed with a hand-painted designRed Starburst Scarf, chiffon silk, hand rolled and stitched

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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