Flowing, Detailed Mosaics by Linda Biggers

A mosaic artwork made from fragments of eggshellAutumn Birches, eggshell mosaic

New York artist Linda Biggers crafts intricate mosaics out of a variety of interesting materials. Central to her practice are Linda’s eggshell mosaics, in which the artist uses coloured eggshell fragments to create flowing, detailed mosaics.


A mosaic made from chunks of slate laid over stained glassOrange, slate and stained glass mosaic

I really love Linda’s series of slate mosaics – these are something of a departure from what we normally think of as mosaic artworks. Each piece uses only three or four large chunks of slate stone, laid over deeply saturated stain glass. The result has the appearance of an aerial view of an alien landscape, with rivers of blue and highly saturated red flowing through the sheets of grey stone.


A mixed-media mosaic artwork depicting a small dragon in a cherry treeCherry Blossom Dragon, eggshell, seed beads and polymer clay

Linda’s eggshell mosaics are highly detailed in comparison to her other works. The delicate medium affords the artist room to depict the wings of a murder of crows, or the leaves of a birch tree in autumn, for example. Even on a solid-coloured background, the cracked texture of the eggshells adds an additional layer of complexity and visual interest. 


A screen capture of the front page of Linda Biggers' websiteThe front page of Linda's art website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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