Comic Strips and Short Animations by Sam Meisner

A Sam Meisner ccomic strip featuring the character GeorgeGeorge in 4-H 1: Posing Your Rabbit

Sam Meisner is the creator of a series of comic strips and short animations that center on a character named George. George’s adventures are lighthearted and humorous, focusing on slapstick elements of the mundane and everyday life.


Drippy the Liquid Man 


 Sam’s online portfolio at features examples of George strips dating back to the comic’s inception in 2004. It’s interesting to see the progression both in the art style of the strips as well as in the jokes and dialogue. The comics are all hand-drawn and colored, giving them a refreshing look in comparison to the majority of digitally-coloured comics today.


A comic strip with a humorous take on abstract artKingsville Art Exhibit

Sam’s simple drawing style reminds me a little of the comics of Chris Gill, though the subject matter has a much more casual air. The short animations featured on Sam’s website are all short and sweet, ending with a single punchline. The animation style is smooth and the artist’s animation background shows through with perfectly synced mouth-movements and more. 


A screen capture of Sam Meisner's website, The George ChannelThe front page of Sam's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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