Wire Sculpture and Installation by Joel Armstrong

An installation view of a wire-sculpted gooseBack Goose (detail of Wire Geese Installation)

Our featured artist Joel Armstrong specializes in the interesting medium of wire sculpture and installation. Currently based in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, Joel creates works of contoured wire that are both abstract and illustrative.


With Joel’s background in illustration and graphic design, it’s interesting to see the leap he makes from drawing on paper, with a pen or pencil, to drawing on the walls and in open spaces with wire. His wire sculptures are frequently representational and take on the appearance of contour line drawings – where a single, unbroken line forms a complete image.


An installation view of a series of small wire and paper sculpturesIndividual Paper and wire

A screen capture of Joel Armstrong's art websiteThe front page of Joel's website

In a few cases, Joel takes a more abstract approach to the medium, such as in his wire and paper sculptures for his Café on Broadway series. This set of small, round wire sculptures incorporates sections of brightly coloured paper. Each small, round wall hanging functions on its own, or as a part of a complete series. Café on Broadway also showcases some of Joel’s purely illustrative work, which takes on the look of smooth, clean realism. 


A small painting using rust  and gold metallic tones006

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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