Bizarre Bodily Tableaux by Christina A. West

A detail photo of a sculptural installation featuring a female figurePause (detail), painted Aqua Resin and video projection

Sculptor and featured artist Christina A. West is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, where she creates bizarre bodily tableaux. Using a basis of realistic human figures and busts, Christina skews her imagery using odd notes of colour, changes in scale and positioning within a gallery space, expressing the oddity of human forms and relationships.


A bust of a male figure with the face partially obscured by colourUnmet #9, pigmented Ultracal and Hydrocal

A screen capture of Christina A. West's websiteThe front page of Christina's website

I’m a big fan of Christina’s busts – each work is a realistic sculpture of a face and shoulders, but many have features or details sanded down into flat planes, or moments of incongruous colour added. The result is at once an upbeat, pop-like take on the traditional of classical busts, and a slightly disturbing departure from the regular human form. Many of the faces that Christina sculpts are far from serene, wearing faces of anger, sadness or apathy.


Christina’s full-body sculptures and installations also feature these abstract interventions. In Intimate Strangers, for example, several stark white full-body sculptures are offset by bright red paint that reaches the same height on each figure. 


An installation view of several human sculptures with red feetIntimate Strangers (installation view at Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami, FL)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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