Madera Fina Studio Furniture by Enrique Morales

A photo of a handmade free-form coffee table made from natural woodFree Form Center Table, California claro walnut, rosewood

Enrique Morales, the artist behind Madera Fina studio furniture, creates expertly crafted modern furniture from beautiful, high-quality materials. Offering everything from console tables and benches to ornate jewelry boxes, Madera Fina has something for everyone.


A coffee table made from a checkered design of different wood piecesLacewood Coffee Table w/ Drawer Detail, lacewood, black walnut

The custom furniture gallery on the Madera Fina Studio websiteA piece from Enrique's custom furniture gallery

I like the way Enrique utilizes the natural appearance of the wood, sometimes combining multiple types of wood to create contrast without excessive paint or stains. His pieces strike a lovely balance between the pleasant imperfections of natural wood grain, and the clean, straight lines of modern minimalist furniture. The juxtaposition is similar to Andelko Oliveric’s naturally-shaped wood furniture pieces. Many of Enrique’s designs are available in custom sizes and materials, for a tailored appearance.


The artist’s skill and attention to detail is clear in his smaller and custom works, such as jewelry boxes, chopping blocks and a sculpture base. Each jewelry box rests atop a uniquely curved base, creating an asymmetrical look that is at least as beautiful as the items that will be stored inside. 


A jewelry box handmade from natural maple woodQuilted Maple Jewelry Box #4, solid quilted western maple, rosewood

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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