Eye-Catching Art Glass by Laura Dawson

A  hand-etched piece of art glass depicting a tree of lifeMajestic Tree of Life, hand etching on dichroic glass

Featured artist Laura Dawson creates beautiful pieces of jewelry and eye-catching art glass. Using various glass-making techniques, Laura’s works are lovely on the wall or as the finishing touch on a nice outfit.


A bracelet featuring a hand-etched glass pendant with a tree motifTree Bracelet, hand etched dichroic glass on jump ring chain

Many of Laura’s works use a combination of stained glass, sculpted glass and mosaic techniques, creating a layered, complex look that a viewer can really get lost in. I love the incredibly saturated colours that Laura is able to achieve in her glasswork. Trees are a common motif in the artist’s handmade jewelry pieces, and the aesthetic of spindly black tree branches laid over a background of bright green or blue is quite stunning.


A screen capture of the front page of Laura Dawson's websiteThe front page of Laura's website

Laura’s glass jewelry often comes in the form of pendants, the perfect size for a beautiful statement necklace. In her Art Glass gallery, the artist shows off examples of her experiments in technique, creating bowls, wall-hangings and other pieces using a variety of methods and aesthetic choices. 


A photo of a hand-made glass bowlFree Form Fracture

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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