Talented Tattoo Artists at Gas Pedals Tattoo

A forearm tattoo of a realistic foxUntitled, tattoo by Jessie Grant

Today we’re featuring all of the talented tattoo artists at Gas Pedals Tattoo in Kelowna, BC. Each artist in the shop has their own unique style, allowing clients to choose the best artist to suit their design and imagination.


A tattoo of a clock placed among several flowersUntitled, tattoo by Kai Saunders


A screen capture of Jessie Grant's portfolio on the Gas Pedals Tattoo websiteJessie's portfolio on the Gas Pedals Tattoo website

On the Gas Pedals website, each of the shop’s three artists has their own portfolio, packed with varied examples of some of the tattoos they’ve done for previous clients. Jessie Grant, Kai Saunders and Kerri Lynn each have their own strengths and favored types of imagery. Jessie’s portfolio, for example, features some good examples of realistic portrait tattoos, as well as trees, flower and landscapes.


Kai’s tattoo style is bright and colourful, with plenty of stylized imagery that references the appearance of classical Japanese tattoo art. Kerri’s portfolio is filled with florals and realistic animals. All three artists are great with florals and animals – I love the images of woodland creatures like wolves, deer and owls that appear as common motifs on the website.  


A tattoo of an owl in front of a red moonHoot, tattoo by Kerri Lynn

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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