Be Super on Facebook

Outline of superman shirt

There is nothing worse than having great images for your Facebook page, but having the dimensions all wrong. Getting it right will keep your Facebook presence looking super sharp and professional. You can even get into Photoshop and create a cover photo that highlights multiple artworks. If you are prolific, this will have quite an impact.

Here is a quick guide from that will help you sort your images out before you start uploading them to facebook :  

•Facebook Cover Photo: 851 x 315 (I’m glad they added that extra pixel on the width)

•Profile Picture Size: 160 x 160 (or up to 180 x 180 to upload)

•Custom Tab Image Size: 111 x 74

•Facebook Page Post Images: 960 x 960 (or up to 2048 x 2048 to upload)

•Link previews: 90 x 90

•Ad image size: 100 x 72

•Sponsored Story Images: 194 x 139

•Milestone or Highlighted Post: 843 x 403

•Full Image on a Custom Tab: 810 x 1200

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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