Detailed Abstract Line Art by Penabranca

An abstract line art work in the shape of a sunburstUntitled


Originally from Brazil, Bruno Borges is an artist based in New York. Under the moniker Penabranca, the artist creates finely detailed abstract line art with a vaguely occult feel to it.


I love Penabranca’s line-art designs, and the way the artist utilizes simple forms and symmetry to create deceptively complex images. Each works well as a standalone abstract art piece, though a number of them are also well-utilized as tattoo designs. The very deliberate forms give the works the feeling of ancient runes or magical codes, adding to the mystique and drama. Penabranca also sometimes works with photo manipulation, altering photos of desert landscapes with a similar geometric sensibility.


A digitally manipulated photo of an orange skyUntitled


Penabranca has worked with a number of other artists, design collectives and musicians, producing a variety of collaborative works such as a jewelry line made with Active Culture Family and several musical album covers and CD jacket designs. 


A line art  image with the look of gold leafUntitled


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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