Automotive Art by Dave Wishart

A realistic black and white drawing of a motorcycleLowRider

Dave Wishart is an artist with a talent for drawing photorealistic scenes and objects. Dave’s portfolio is packed with drawings of cars, motorcycles, trains and other automotive art as well as some highly detailed portraiture.


A drawing of a car and a character featured in American GrafittiAmerican Grafitti


Dave’s art style is well-suited to his subject matter. The artist really has a knack for rendering the shine of chrome metal car and motorcycle components in a way that looks polished yet very true-to-life. The images included in our last feature of Dave’s photorealistic portraits and drawings showcase this effect. His drawing style emphasizes his respect for the subject matter.

A gallery of works in progress by Dave WishartDave's in-progress portfolio on his website


Also skilled at portraiture, Dave’s website features a full gallery of works in this vein. His portrait subjects are often pop-culture figures, and his gallery includes expertly rendered drawings of faces from Star Trek, James Bond films and other classic action movies. Dave also offers up a few process photos of his Star Trek portraits allowing the viewer to get a fascinating glimpse into how these drawings come together. 


A portrait of William Shatner as James Kirk in Star TrekJames T Kirk

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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