Theatrical Artworks by Yvonne Shaffer

A painting of a beach through tall grassA Stroll to the Beach, oil on canvas

Featured artist Yvonne Shaffer is an artist and set painter based in Meadville, Pennsylvania. In her independent painting practice, Yvonne experiments with abstraction, portraiture and landscape painting, creating a variety of theatrical artworks with a great eye for lighting and movement.


A photo of a live theatre presentation of White ChristmasWhite Christmas - Academy Theatre - December 2014, set design

A screen capture of Yvonne Shaffer's art websiteThe main page of Yvonne's portfolio website

I enjoy the short, fine brush work that appears in many of Yvonne’s paintings, and the delicate, ethereal tone that she manages to coax out of her oil paints in each image. The techniques Yvonne uses are particularly well-suited to seascapes and outdoor scenes involving fields or forests. Each brush stroke becomes a bit of sea foam or a single leaf, giving each painting a loosely painted look that’s reminiscent of pointillism.


In our previous feature we looked at some examples of Yvonne’s set design work – the artist continues to work on various live theatre projects, designing and painting sets for productions including Cinderella, White Christmas and Into the Woods. Yvonne’s simple, elegant sets help to bring each story to life while allowing the actors to shine. 


A painting of a woman dancing in the oceanSea Dance, watercolor on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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