Detailed Custom Ink by Vince Parsons

An arm tattoo of a skull with a flowerSkull arm

Kelowna-based tattoo artist Vince Parsons creates detailed custom ink for clients at Pharaoh Tattoo Studio. Vince’s tattoo portfolio includes a wide range of subject matter, and the artist’s style is versatile enough to cover everything from realistic black and white portraits to bright, cartoon-inspired designs.


A front torso tattoo of a heart with wings in lineartNeo-Tradittional Heart

Skulls and floral motifs feature prominently in some of the newer works on Vince’s website. I like how the artist’s drawing style sits somewhere between photorealistic and highly graphic. In many works, the subject is rendered with total accuracy, but given a simplified color scheme that adds a wonderful sense of movement and play to the piece. These bright, expressive tattoos were featured in our previous look at Vince’s work.


A screen capture of Vince Parsons' online tattoo galleryVince's tattoo website

One recent example in Vince’s portfolio shows a tattoo cover-up where the artist tattooed a skull and snake over a basic text tattoo. The artist’s expertise really shows in his ability to follow the contours of the cursive text, disguising them in the curves of the skull. 


A progress photo series of a tattoo cover upBlack and grey skull and snake cover-up

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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