Hazy Figurative Paintings by Bonnie Laird

A painting of a woman standing in front of a deep blue backgroundThe Light and The Sea

Our featured artist today Bonnie Laird! Bonnie is a painter based in Victoria, British Columbia. Her works take the form of deep, hazy figurative paintings that attempt to unravel and portray the complex emotions of the human experience.

An oil painting of a bunch of red roses on a deep blue backgroundRising, oil on canvas


I quite enjoy Bonnie’s stylistic approach to her somewhat philosophical conceptual leanings. Many of her portraits appear murky, as if the subject is clouded behind a veil, a thin wash of darker-coloured paint that makes the exact nature of the image just slightly more difficult for the viewer to decipher.


Bonnie Laird's online gallery of cloud, ocean and sky paintingsBonnie's Cloud/Ocean/Sky painting gallery

In our previous feature of Bonnie’s expressive, dark-toned paintings, we also looked at some of the artist’s floral works. This series is really eye-catching, with pops of deep red, pink and orange coming to the surface surrounded by dark, almost black negative space. The effect is incredibly dramatic and lends an almost mythological tone to the works. Some of these remind me a little of classical Vanitas paintings, raising simple objects to much more complex conceptual pieces. 


A darkened painting of a couplePortrait Couple, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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