Urban Elements: Painting by Edward Bear Miller

A painting of a steel bridge with the imprint of a fishBlue Beacon with Trout and Shad, oil and transfer print on linen

Our featured artist, Edward Bear Miller lives and works in the Hudson Valley area of New York. The artist’s landscape paintings often feature urban elements such as bridges and concrete structures. Edward’s painting style lends itself equally well to autumnal forests and rusted steel girders.


A print and painted work of a bridge with yellow and orange tonesClaiborne Afloat, oil and transfer prints on linen

A gallery of new work on Edward Bear Miller's websiteEdward's gallery of new works on his website

In some of Edward’s more recent works, the artist has been incorporating canvas transfer prints into his oil on linen works, painting directly over the transferred image. The result is a somewhat ghostly rendering of the subject that has a double-exposed look to it, something like the paintings of Michal Mraz. I find this works especially well for his city scenes, where the layered, patchwork effect of the paint mimics rust or dirt that’s collected on the structures.


Edward takes a similar approach to trees in his landscape works, and human figures in his portraits. I like the way he renders the changing tones and shades of skin using many patches of slightly different colour. The colours look true to life at a distance, with surprising variation and brightness when one looks up close. 


A loose painting of a man wading through waist-high waterMove Through Blue, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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