Typography and Poetry by Rose Jackson Taylor

A chalk rendering of a quote by AristotleChalk Quote

Featured artist Rose Jackson Taylor has a background in English, lending to her works that explore typography and poetry. Rose approaches her art practice from an illustrative and design standpoint, creating linocuts, drawings, chalk typography and other work that’s easy to share.


A linocut design of a Super 8 film cameraSuper 8, linocut design

I like the way that Rose combines a playful, poetic sensibility with her typographic techniques. Some of the artist’s short poems are collected on her portfolio, and serve to showcase the overall tone of her charming typographic work. In her chalk art, Rose often incorporates well-known inspiration quotes, emphasizing certain words by using planned-out placement and fonts.


A screen capture of Rose Jackson Taylor's online poetry portfolioRose's gallery of her poems

Rose also creates her own rubber stamps using linocut techniques. The artist is equally skilled at creating text-based stamps and image-based stamps, cutting out highlights to form realistic-yet-simplified images of portraits and objects. In some of her stamps, she mimics handwriting, giving the stamp user a unique way to sign cards, letters and more. Rose also has a DIY stamp kit that viewers can purchase from her Etsy shop!


A handmade rubber stamp with the words "kitchen party"Kitchen Party, bespoke rubber stamp

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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