Custom, Handmade Furniture by Ken Vick

A photo of a walnut blanket boxBlanket Box for Nathan Reade, walnut with curly etimoie inserts

Woodworker Ken Vick is our featured artist today! Ken has over 30 years of experience working with wood to build custom, handmade furniture pieces and rocking chairs.


A screen capture of the front page of Ken Vick's


I’m enjoying Ken’s recent work creating hand-built boxes. Previously, Ken’s custom furniture practice revolved mainly around one-of-a-kind rocking chairs. These newer works include a blanket box, a jewelry box and an elegant cremains box. Ken’s jewelry box is made from warm Honduras mahogany with accents in the form of small brass drawer pulls that add a subtle antique style to the chest. The cremains box, built for Ken’s father in-law, combines the dark, grainy look of mahogany with light curly maple panels and bloodwood edge accents for a look that’s simple, sleek and tasteful.


A photo of a small handmade jewelry box with multiple drawersTonya's Jewelry Box, Honduras mahogany, antique brass knobs, pale gold damask fabric lining

In each case, Ken lets the natural texture of his materials shine through with delicate, true-to-life finishes, capturing the feelings associated with each individual piece. Check out Ken’s website, and his lovely home studio space, shared with fellow artist Michelle Marcotte.


A simple handmade box for cremation ashesCremains Box for Dave Marcotte, mahongany crotch veneer top, curly maple sides, bloodwood edges

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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