Physical, Contemplative Artworks by D'Andrea Bowie

An installation of a piece of driftwood held up by a number of rigid wiresUntitled, found beach stick, steel

Installation artist D’Andrea Bowie explores the materials made available by her environment, creating physical, contemplative artworks that use a wide variety of unconventional means. Many of D’Andrea’s works have an iconographic feeling to them, both in construction and the way they are installed.

An installation utilizing a cast glass lamp powered by potatoeswhen i forgot to breathe, steel, cast glass, wires, potatoes, light bulb


I like the way that D’Andrea uses a mix of readymade objects and raw materials in her artworks. Often the objects that she chooses seem to have highly personal reference points, calling back to themes of family and education. Her recent work when I forgot to breathe uses the concept of a potato clock to explore the raw materials that are available to us, and the ways that they can be elevated to new meanings through use and placement.


A screen capture of D'Andrea Bowie's art portfolio websiteD'Andrea's domestic series on her website

D’andrea also creates performance works, sometimes using the performance space to work with physical materials, and other times creating performative works using video and sound technology. Many of the artist’s performance works are directly influenced by important works in recent art history.


A ceramic sculpture with the appearance of a sea starUntitled, glazed earthenware with brass pot and cement base

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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