Underwater Plants: Abstract Art by Giuliana Grande

An abstract painting using many green tonesFloorest of the Forest, oil on canvas

Our featured artist today is Giuliana Grande. Giuliana is an abstract painter and mixed media artist with a particular affinity for forms that echo underwater plants, animals and various other natural materials. She uses oil and mixed media on canvas to create her colorful forms.


An abstract painting with the look of an orange beach sceneBirch Beach, oil and oil media on canvas

I enjoy the look of Giuliana’s paintings, especially in the way the artist tends to mimic landscape painting conventions while using abstracted forms and a wide variety of outlandish colours. The use of a horizon line and forms that could be mistaken for oceans, trees and clouds helps to draw the viewer’s eye around the canvas, guiding it gently through the abstraction without introducing the entire painting in a single explosion of colour.


A screen capture of Giuliana Grande's painting websiteGiuliana's paintings in her portfolio


The way that Giuliana renders her paintings is also interesting – the variety of media that she uses allows each painting to exhibit many different behaviours. In the same painting there might be a series of hard-edged, flat planes of colour, as well as textured patches and drips of thin, translucent paint. These effects create a layered look that adds a wonderful sense of depth to each image. 


An abstract painting with bright yellow tones and black marksOh My Halifax No.2, oil-based spray paint, oil paint and medium on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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