Ocean Conservation: Artworks by Courtney Mattison

A wall installation of ceramic coralsOur Changing Seas III

Installation artist Courtney Mattison uses her artwork to advocate for ocean conservation. Bizarre and beautiful sea creatures and their varying forms make up many of her works, lending a unique, otherworldly aesthetic to the art.


A gallery installation featuring a structure covered in ceramic coralsOur Changing Seas II

In Mattison’s ongoing series Our Changing Seas, the artist uses ceramic techniques to sculpt hand-made coral reefs, installing them on the walls and in the middle of the gallery where they look like natural growths. In the second iteration of this series, Mattison constructed a monolith of different coral forms in the center of a space. The attention to detail that she demonstrates in this work is stunning, and the corals look incredibly realistic and inviting, plunging the entire gallery space deep underwater.

An installation with ceramic corals stuck to a gallery wallAqueduct


Mattison has also used her coral reef aesthetic in a variety of functional ceramics and household wares. Decorative ceramic coral centerpieces, a coral-shaped ring-holder, coral bowls, plates and candleholders are all beautiful ways of bringing the artist’s original works into a home space. 

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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